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Ma Sage Evasion


Welcome !

You dream of that pure moment of escape ... Come to find out through my various massages.
The bustle of daily life requires you to even greater efficiency and competitiveness ..., give yourself a break, time for a massage.


My name is Patricia HOGUET.


After discovering how to let go with a massage that I received when I traveled to the Maldives, Bali, Mauritius, India, Thailand, Vietnam ... I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry where I worked for many years.

Degree in massage and reflexology Wellness, I invite you to relax and unwind.
My office is located in La Ciotat, but I can also move home, hotel, guest house, yacht, corporate ...


I am authorized by the French Federation of Massage Wellness and respects its code of ethics. Benefits have no therapeutic purpose and are not similar to any medical practice or within physiotherapy.  


My philosophy

Careful listening, self-giving and openness to others: this is my philosophy to help you find harmony between your body and mind.

Each person is unique, every massage is also because I adapt depending on your physical, mental and emotional and that in the highest regard for the trust you have given me.

Massage techniques are different from one country to another but the purpose is the same:

Based on the senses, it will allow you to reconnect with your body.
Gradually the mind gives way to sensitive, abandonment, to inner peace.


Californian massage

Californian massage, emerged in the early 1970s, is the ultimate relaxation massage ... This is a break soothing body and mind.

The alternation of slow, fluid movements and rhythmic deeper and gives your body a deep and lasting relaxation.
Tensions disappear, nervousness disappears, breathing calms the mind and body give way.



Back - neck 20mn 20€
Legs - feet 20mn 20€
Neck - arms - legs 20mn 20€
Back - neck - legs - feet 40mn 35€
Whole body 1 hours 55€

The energy massage

This is an excellent method to prevent accumulation of stress.
It restores suppleness and elasticity to your skin, it softens your joints.
It frees your body of all its tensions by combining techniques of smoothing, kneading, gliding pressure superficial and deep, circular and static pressures.
The massage allows you to unblock energy and balance energies to restore your energy and vitality.



Back - neck 20mn 20€
Legs - feet 20mn 20€
Neck - arms - legs 20mn 20€
Back - neck - legs - feet 40mn 35€
Whole body 90mn 75€

The drainage massage

It is a method of massage that connects a series of slow movements and soft, similar to the effect of a wave, designed to stimulate circulation, detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system.

The drainage massage is performed without oil, with the fingers and palms on the whole body, by varying the pressure.

Practiced on the face, draining massage will diminish signs of fatigue. Due to its tensor effect reduces wrinkles and fine lines, reduces congestion in the bags under the eyes.


For heavy legs, drainage will give you a feeling of lightness. /> Alternating with an energy modeling will reduce cellulite.
A course of six sessions minimum, with 2 sessions per week is required before getting noticeable results.
In interview : 1 to 2 sessions per month


Face (anti-aging) 30mn 30€
Legs - feet 40mn 45€
Face, legs, feet 70mn 65€
Cure "anti-aging"
6 sessions of 20 minutes (6th offered) 150€
Cure "light legs"
6 sessions (6th offered) 225€
Cure "Face, legs, feet"
6 sessions (6th offered) 325€

Foot reflexology

According to Chinese medicine, foot, divided into reflex zones, is the miniaturized representation of the human body.
Each zone represents a body part.

The art of reflexology is to perform a specific touch on these areas, to locate tensions and dysfunctions of the body to eliminate them and restore balance.
It unblocks painful areas even before the symptoms are not manifested.


This is an excellent method of stimulation energy after a period of convalescence or difficult periods of change of season.
It is finally an extraordinary moment of relaxation after a day's work when the body and mind are stressed.



the session 40mn 45€
6 sessions (6th offered) 225€

Kobido ou lifting japonais

The Kobido, meaning "ancient voice of beauty", is a massage of the face and neck, originally reserved for Japanese empresses, from the 15th century.
This is one of the most effective natural treatments against aging of the facial skin, hence its nickname "Japanese Lifting".

This treatment combines several massage techniques including percussion, smoothing, drainage, pressure to stimulate energy and facial blood circulation.

Kobido working on all muscle areas of the face and neck. Over the care, skin will regain, suppleness, elasticity and firmness which will greatly reduce wrinkles and delay their appearance.
From 30 years, it prevents wrinkles and dehydration
From 40 years it tends to reduce the installed wrinkles and loss of skin density.
The Kobido is complementary to various treatments for aesthetic purposes : laser sessions, Botox injections, hyaluronic acid peels, cosmetic surgery ...

The kobido suitable for all skin types and all ages. To enjoy all the benefits of Kobido, this massage should be practiced regularly or cures.


The 60-minute session 55 euros
The treatment of 6 sessions (the 6th is offered) 275 euros

mom future

This relaxing massage is for pregnant women from the beginning of the 4th month until the end of the 8th month.

The mothers, lying on the side, will feel more relaxed and relaxed.
The massage will help them to accept the bodily changes that take place.

Over the weeks, tensions may occur in the upper back, but also in the low back; the joints can become painful.

Prenatal massage is made of soft and enveloping movements on particularly stressed areas : stretching and pressure in the lower back to relieve the tension caused by the baby, drainage legs to stimulate blood and lymph circulation and regain a feeling of lightness, without forgetting the feet, hands and joints.


The 60-minute session 55€

Amma assis

Originating in China, the sitting Amma appeared in Japan there are about 1,300 years. He was for a long time the only recognized massage in Japan.
Amma sat consists of a sequence of "kata" : precise movements, rhythmic compounds pressures, stretching, sweeps and percussion with the thumbs, palms and elbows.

The tension and stress usually crystallize on the upper part of the body, hence the importance of sitting Amma that acts on the meridians of the back, hips, shoulders, neck, head , arms and hands.

Amma sat allows anyone feeling of tension , fatigue or bad patches, regain muscle tone, to be more productive while being relaxed and having a feeling wellness.

Amma was sitting dressed and receives , as its name suggests, sitting in an ergonomic chair specially designed for this use, for twenty minutes.
It is accessible to all, whether at home, in the workplace, in evening event...
This massage is also for children to limit pain associated with bad posture on school benches and channel energies.


The 20 minute session 20€


This relaxing massage targets the elderly and persons can not remain lying on his stomach or back.

It is practiced lying on the side so as to be more relaxed and relaxed.

Over the years, tensions may occur in the upper back, but also in the low back; the joints can become painful.

Modeling on the side is made of soft and enveloping movements on particularly stressed areas : stretching and pressure in the lower back, legs drainage to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, not forgetting the feet, hands.


The joint pain and leg cramps are alleviated.

People gather them long forgotten sensations and morale will improve.


The 60-minute session 55€

The course of the session

When you make an appointment, allow about 15 minutes before the start of the session so that we can discuss your needs and expectations and that I inform you of any cons-indications.
We are all different, with our own emotions and feelings, so it is important to note if you do not like being massaged (e) on certain body parts.
session duration varies from 20 to 40 minutes for partial massages: feet, head, back, legs, posterior, anterior aspect.
The full body massage requires a minimum one-hour session.


Massage cabinet

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere dedicated solely to relax, calm and relaxation.

Home massage, hotel ...

I go home or to your preferred location (hotel, yacht, guest house, workplace ...)

Allow 20 minutes of massage in addition to the installation of equipment (massage table, towels, organic massage oils, background music and a drive if necessary).
Regarding the course of the session, it is in all respects similar to that of sitting in chambers.
The advantage of the massage at home is that you make the most of relaxation with no compulsion to reach out to brave the traffic and unpredictable weather to go home.


Massage business


"Leadership was concerned about the well of its employees is the guarantee of a flourishing business in which it is good work ...
Your business will increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, boost your staff.
One person is mobilized at once, which does not hinder the smooth running of the company.
The EC may make all or part of the cost of the massage.
Thank you contact me for any information or quotes"


    - Make an appointment at a time "free" of all constraints (after errands, household or stressful appointments, ...)
      - Prefer a light meal before a massage.
        - You can take a hot shower just before the massage, this will allow you to ask and begin to relax your muscles.
          - It is best not to bathe or shower after the massage, to keep all the profits of oil.
            - It is important to have some space in the selected piece (about 2mx3), to allow me freedom of movement, and a heat source to achieve a temperature of 22-25 ° C .
              - Plan not to be disturbed by the telephone (fixed or mobile) or any other sound source.

The benefits of massage


More than a moment of relaxation, wellness massage helps reduce stress, improve health status.
The wellness massage has many positive effects:

On the posture of the body: - Relieves back pain
- Relaxes the muscles and helps to release tension
- Promotes greater range of motion

On the functioning of any organization: - Soothes and calms
- Relieves pain
- Improves sleep
- Improves blood circulation and lymph flow, resulting in better oxygenation and elimination of toxins
- Promotes greater energy flow

On the psychological and emotional: - Increasing awareness of his emotions and his body
- Increases self-esteem and personal value

The cons-indications

There are medical conditions for which massage is against welfare-indicated.

If you have any of these disorders, it is best to postpone.
viral or bacterial infections


recent trauma: hematoma, fracture, torn muscle ... arthritis and osteoarthritis in

inflammatory phase

Phlebitis or vascular problem: varicose veins, varicose ulcers ...

undiagnosed tumors

cancers in remission without medical advice

acute abdominal pain

unstable cardiac pathologies

severe disease: liver, kidney, ...

recent Surgery

Skin Disorders

Pregnancy: the first 3 months (minimum)

If you have any doubts, ask your doctor if your condition is consistent with the practices of physical relaxation.


Loyalty card

20 minutes of massage offered, every 2 hours of massage done (outside of courses)


Carte fidélité

Referral offer


For each person sent from you, I offer you 20 minutes of massage to choose from, your next session.



Gift voucher


The desire to offer a moment of escape for a birthday, holiday, Valentine's Day, ... thanks ... or simply ... to please!
I offer a gift voucher.

bon cadeau

To receive the gift voucher, you can contact me:
- By telephone: 04 42 32 35 13 or 06 49 60 89 85

The voucher will be sent to you or directly to the person of your choice, upon receipt of your payment.

The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.


«Do good to your body for that thy soul may want to stay»

Indian proverb